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Switzerland gave the green light to the epidemic policy

Switzerland gave the green light to the epidemic policy

When Switzerland held a referendum in June on the country’s anti-epidemic law, there was criticism that the law gave authorities too much power and deprived people of their rights. But more than 60 percent have given the green light to the law, which gives the federal government broad authority to deal with the pandemic.

Today’s government policy continues to receive support from the Swiss. Just over 62 percent support a revised version of the law that includes covidpass which has now been voted on, according to the government’s compilation.

Covid passports began being issued this summer to people who have been fully vaccinated, who have recovered or who have tested positive for covid-19. But critics say covidpass as a requirement to participate in public gatherings creates division and discrimination.

Earlier this week, Swiss health authorities warned that a fifth wave of viruses was approaching. As in many other European countries, the number of cases of covid-19 is increasing in Switzerland, but the federal government has not responded with new restrictions.

Observers have interpreted this to mean that they do not want to provoke further opposition to their pandemic policy before the referendum. If the Swiss give the thumbs up, the government may ramp up its virus measures.

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