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Switching career as an international DJ for the Olympics

Switching career as an international DJ for the Olympics

Swede Matthias Ronnegren did not finish in the giant slalom race today, which was won by Marco Odermatt.

On the other hand, Benjamin Alexander was having a terrible day.

Born in the UK, to a British mother and Jamaican father, the 38-year-old finished 46th in the challenging Giant Slalom.

He was one minute and nine seconds behind Udermatt and 32 seconds slower than a second.

“She seemed to be very slow compared to the others”

But today’s competition made Alexander historic as the first Jamaican to compete in an alpine competition at the Olympics. In total, he is only the 15th person to ever represent the country at the Winter Olympics.

In the end, the 38-year-old was singing. In 2015, he went slalom for the first time in his life.

– I seemed so slow compared to the other knights. 50% of the field did not participate in the goal, the conditions were horrible today. But sitting here without breaking my legs makes me smile from ear to ear. For me, it was never about winning. But I want people to understand that you don’t have to have been raised in fortune, or of a particular ethnicity, or born near the mountains. I don’t have any of these three things. I want to show that anything is possible. I fell 26 times on a kids’ slope the first time I went, he says on Eurosport.

Benjamin Alexander had an international DJ career and previously played on a daily basis in the Canadian mountains. Presently he is retired in his profession.

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