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Swing the club in "Mario Golf: Super Rush" |  Movie Zain

Swing the club in “Mario Golf: Super Rush” | Movie Zain

Fore! Pack your bag and charge the batteries in the golf cart, because soon the time has come to get one in “Mario Golf: Super Rush”.

Although I’ve never played more golf than a lazy run with some teenage friends, I’m ready to throw myself into the future Mario Golf: Super Rush Coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 25th.

In a new trailer lasting more than five minutes, we learn a lot about the new golf.

Besides 15 other characters (like Pauline, King Bob-Omb, Bowser, Yoshi, and Wario), Mario can play a variety of modes with three other players on the sofa and online.

The new mode is fast-paced Golf speed, With all players roaming around the field aiming to hit the ball into the hole before anyone else. Along the way, you can find different upgrades that make you faster or learn new techniques. There is, too Golf battle, Which is a much crazier type of Speed ​​Golf where nine holes are played simultaneously. That feels like two perfect poses for a few rounds on match night with the Poles.

But what attracts me the most Golf adventure Where you can play as your very own Mii, climb from beginner to professional golf and interact with different characters in Mushroom Kingdom.

The hope is that there is at least an ounce of story and magic in this mode, so that you don’t risk becoming another unmarked Nintendo multiplayer game like “Mario Tennis Aces”. Give me motivation! Why Has golf suddenly become the most important thing in the Mushroom Kingdom ?!

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The few golf games I have tested have been a great pastime, so Mario Golf: Super Rush It has potential with its cool graphics, charming golf wear characters, and crazy game modes. The game can also be played with the motion controls, as if it was 2006 back when everyone was playing Nintendo Wii and Wii Sports.

What do you think of the new golf game?

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