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Functions: The new Android gets a new user interface

Functions: The new Android gets a new user interface

As the rapprochement begins at Google’s annual major I / O conference, new information will be released about the next version of the Android OS. If this is true, Android users will get a brand new user experience.

The Google I / O conference kicks off at 7 PM on Tuesday and runs for two days. As usual, news is expected, both about new products and the development of Google’s most important business. One of them is Android, the globally dominant operating system for mobile phones. The latest version is Android 11, but many observers think we can expect a presentation of Android 12 at the conference.

And now new information about Android 12 comes from the Front Page Tech YouTube channel. The information has been reported by a number of international technology websites, and it is mainly based on changes in the user interface.

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Notifications are displayed via number

Among other things, there will be new clock and weather functions, an easy way to change screen brightness, and different notification handling. It seems that all unread notifications from different apps will be stacked and will be visible through a number in the corner. The number corresponds to the number of unread notifications, and by pressing the number the user can see them all.

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Google is broadcasting the entire conference live

If the information is correct or not, we’ll figure out when to give the presentation – possibly during this week’s Google I / O conference. The tech giant is broadcasting it live, of course via Google’s owned Youtube, which can be followed here:

Anyone wanting to delve into the details of Android 12 can watch the entire video from Front Page Tech here: