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Swedish youth: Security-seeking philanthropists who want to have fun at work

Swedish youth: Security-seeking philanthropists who want to have fun at work

Today’s youth may think that the future is traveling around the world as freelance entrepreneurs, with cool stickers only being the travel companion with the MacBook Pro.

Nothing could be further from the truth. According to a study by homework aid company Study, young people in high school want to be close to office, standard working hours and collective agreements.

They also don’t like to sit and drink cold frobsino at some cool cafe in Sydney. No, home is best for this generation who want to work in their hometown. If they are forced to move due to jobs, only English-speaking countries such as the USA and the UK will apply.

Gender equality is an important parameter when choosing an employer. More than half of all young people say they are thankful for their dream job if management is not equal enough! Overall, young people believe it is important for their prospective employer to accept social responsibility.

What is most important when a young person chooses a career? It’s fun. The clear majority of young people in the survey respond that the most important parameter when choosing a career is that it should be fun at work. This is more important than both salary and potential life balance.

The survey is attached as a PDF.

Survey Investigation:

Equality: On top If management is unequal 50 percent of young people will say don’t do their dream job.

Security: When asked which city in the world young people want to work in, Stockholm comes in first best. In second place was New York, followed by London.

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The boss: The first list of dream bosses is dominated by nonprofits and IT. At the top of the list is the UN, followed by Google and MSF.

Brief review:

A total of 277 respondents.
All go to high school for 1-3 years and live in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malm.
All participants are employees of StudyBuddy and have received excellent marks in school.

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