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Study: The chances of becoming a golf expert are very low in Sweden

Study: The chances of becoming a golf expert are very low in Sweden

The Global Oats Index, through Magmatic Research, conducts computer research that explores the possibilities of becoming a professional athlete in many global and popular sports. This study is divided into country of birth and which countries have the best athletes in each sport.

In golf, Sweden tops the list of conflicts more than Iceland and Denmark.

The survey says that the Nordic climate plays a key role in reducing the chances of becoming professionals in those countries, beyond the size of countries.

“Take advantage of it”

– Despite the long cold winter, parts of Sweden, Finland and Iceland benefit from having 24 hours of daylight in the summer, which enables maximum training time during these months, says Christian Heatherson, data analyst at Magmatic Research.

The discrepancies are as follows: 1) Sweden (8,170), 2) Iceland (8,762), 3) Denmark (11,725), 4) Australia (14,225), 5) Finland (17,681).

When it comes to the largest proportion of golf professionals worldwide, the U.S. is high, with more than 23 percent of players coming from the United States. Britain is in second place with ten per cent more than eight places than Japan.

This study is based on male athletes only.

Swedish golf professionals include stars such as Henrik Stenson (143rd in the world), Alex Noron (62) and Henrik Norlander (142).

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