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Swedish victory could stop fans: ‘unpleasant’

Swedish supporters in the stands in St. Petersburg.

© Eric Simander / TT
Swedish supporters in the stands in St. Petersburg.

Round of 16 in Glasgow but you weren’t able to see the European Round of 16 right away.

Missed points and a possible Swedish party in Copenhagen.

There is a small dilemma from the fans ahead of Sweden’s match against Poland on Wednesday.

Sweden has the group win in its hands. The win over Poland on Wednesday boosted the top spot and secured the Round of 16 final in Glasgow.

But for fans who want to watch the quarter-finals in Scotland right away, there is a major drawback.

Currently, a ten-day quarantine is required in addition to covid tests on the second and eighth days when entering Scotland from Sweden. Something prevents the influx of Swedish supporters.

– We ended up in a very uncomfortable situation. We think somewhere we beat Poland, we go in to win every game. We are in constant contact with the Foreign Office (Foreign Office), but given the situation at the moment we will not enter Scotland without quarantine, says Andreas Recht, founder of the Yellow Wall, and on site in St. Petersburg for Sweden group matches.

Richt is sure of his case.

– We will beat Poland. From the supporters’ point of view, it would probably be best to come to Copenhagen. But how could you not want Sweden not to win? He says he is very stupid.

“Unlike everything”

When the TT team asked a number of pre-Sweden-Slovakia fans where they wanted to play the Round of 16 for Sweden, the majority answered in Copenhagen. It would have been easy for many, but it also means that Sweden should take second place in the group.

Hence the dilemma. If Sweden finished third, it would be either Seville or Budapest.

Most people obviously think Copenhagen would be great value for money from the proponents’ point of view. So that’s optimal, but it goes against everything I stand for because it means I think Sweden shouldn’t win on Wednesday, Richt says and continues:

– I’ll never be behind it. Glasgow is first, second and third on my list. But if you ask the Swedish fans, I think a lot of people think it would be a good thing with Copenhagen, but at the same time I don’t think anyone wants us to lose to Poland.

funny lose

The Swedish Football Association is also in constant dialogue with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is preparing for all alternatives.

– From a general point of view, Glasgow is not successful, but in terms of play. But I think many supporters saw Copenhagen as an option. There are 3,000 tickets that we sell on a quota basis and therefore tickets will definitely be issued via UEFA. If we end up in Copenhagen, we believe in many Swedes in the square and outside the city, says SvFF Security Director Martin Friedman.

TT: Glasgow is fully run for supporters?

– As it looks at the moment. The Department of State does not see any changes to the restrictions that would be within a reasonable time frame. It’s ten days of quarantine and two tests. He says he is forbidding the public from traveling.

If it is Glasgow, it looks like Sweden will have to rely on former Celtic player, Mikael Lustig.

– We will definitely have fans. There are probably many more in the UK who can get there. The right-back says, I have many friends in Glasgow who can work it out.

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