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Sweden wants to see more European teams in Olympic football

Sweden wants to see more European teams in Olympic football

The top three European teams at the 2019 World Cup have secured places in this year’s Olympic football.

This means that the Netherlands (second in the World Cup), Sweden (third) and England (Great Britain share, four) are in Japan – while the first at the Olympics and second in the world is Germany, in addition to the world record. Three France, missing.

that only europe Three places in the Olympic Games has long been a topic of discussion. Likewise, the format with only twelve football teams on the women’s side, as opposed to the 16 men’s teams.

Having an Olympic playoff with twelve teams is not a good draw. I think women’s football and football in general deserve more teams at the Olympics, says Sweden national team manager Marika Domansky Livors.

Women also have the best teams in the world (unlike men where national teams are not involved). So having at least 16 teams in an Olympic playoff would make sense.

It’s special The number of European places to be increased, says the national team manager.

But it’s twofold, of course, as not having big soccer nations at the same time increases Sweden’s medal chances.

When Europe does not have enough places in the Olympics, I think, it means more opportunity.

Sweden coach Marika Domansky Livors. Photo gallery.

Photo: Stefan Jerrevång / TT

In the last World Cup All teams in the quarter-finals, except for world setter and future world champion USA, were from Europe.

Sweden then beat Germany on the way to bronze while France fell to the Americans.

Should there be more European countries at the Olympics?

– It’s a good question, says Fridolina Rulfo, former Germany professional and new Barcelona striker.

There are an unbelievable number of good football teams in Europe, and it’s sick when you consider that teams like Germany and France are not at such a big stage. So it probably is.

Real Madrid star Kosovar Aslani was even more explicit when DN interviewed her at the Olympic Village:

– Yes, I really think so, she answers.

– I think it would have been fun with more teams and more places to Europe.

Europe has some of the best national teams in the world, so I guess no one complained about having Germany and France – and even Spain – here.

Kosovar Aslani during a press conference at the Olympic Village in Tokyo.

Kosovar Aslani during a press conference at the Olympic Village in Tokyo.

Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall / TT

Sweden starts the Olympics against the United States on Wednesday and will also meet Australia and New Zealand in the group stage.

Talking about the possibility of extending the women’s championship into the future Olympics, Marika Domansky-Lefors said:

This discussion has been going on for many years, but what is holding this back is that the IOC (International Olympic Committee) wants to keep the total number of active people fairly constant.

– This means that you did not want to expand but keep it as is, or rather reduce it. There are discussions as to whether or not this tournament should remain. But I hope that football will survive and that there will be more teams on the women’s side.

Do you mean that football is threatened in the Olympics?

– no I do not think so. But there are always discussions.

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