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Sweden stops travel from the UK

On Sunday evening, it was reported that Sweden would suspend all flights from Great Britain.

A procedure supported by the Swedish Public Health Agency.

“It is a reasonable precaution in the situation that has arisen,” the authority wrote on its website.

The warning about the new virus strain United kingdom, Which could be up to 70 per cent more contagious than originally, has caused concern in Europe in a short time

People from the UK are now banned from traveling to Sweden.

We are preparing to take a decision on the UK travel ban. Interior Minister Mikael Dumberg says it should take effect as soon as possible SVT News.

The Interior Minister did not mention when the entry ban would take effect. Tomorrow the government will make an official decision.

Good victory: new rules are expected tomorrow

Late on Sunday evening, the Swedish Public Health Agency wrote on its website that it considered the stopover a “reasonable measure”.

“On Monday, December 21st, the authority will complete the government’s decision with the rules that will apply to those arriving from the United Kingdom in the near future (that is, Swedish citizens whose entry cannot be refused), and those who have already arrived in Sweden in recent times.” .

“Not excluded from the new variant in Sweden”

Despite reports that infection rate has increased by 70 per cent, the authority believes it is too early to say whether the new virus is indeed more contagious, and that more analyzes are underway in the UK.

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And they wrote: “The new alternative already exists in a number of European Union countries and it is not at all impossible for it to actually exist in Sweden, but we have not yet been able to confirm it.”

SAS: Land planning as planned

The State Department has no further information about the flight layoff.

We do not know what the entry ban will look like, and therefore we cannot provide any information about it. At the moment, the Department of Foreign Affairs has no advice on traveling to the UK, says Sarah Brinidal, press correspondent for the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Camila Ranneberg, SAS press talker, says they have a plane that will land in Ireland tonight.

– It will land as planned. We always follow the prevailing travel restrictions, it will not be decided until tomorrow after which we will make any changes to the traffic program. She says what it will look like cannot be answered now.

According to SAS, passengers from London will not be tested upon arrival in Sweden.

Immediately the meeting of the European Union took place

On Sunday, several countries, such as Italy, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium, suspended all flights to and from the United Kingdom. Ireland is shutting down both flights and ferries.

During the evening, European Union countries were called to a meeting to discuss whether joint action from the European Union was needed due to the new virus variant.

Boris Johnson’s press conference on Saturday.

picture: Toby Melville / TT News

The Norwegian Advantage: Request a negative test

Meanwhile, news comes from Norway that they will require a negative coronavirus test from everyone traveling from the UK.

In addition, incoming travelers are encouraged to test themselves again for the detection of Coronavirus and put themselves in quarantine.

The Norwegian Health Directorate also wrote on its website that it is considering taking further measures to prevent the spread of the new virus in Norway.

Found since September

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell wrote in an email to Aftonbladet that the new variant of the virus has been in the UK since September and has become more common in recent weeks.

The variant has been found in areas where the spread of infection is increasing, and the British authorities are investigating the relationship between the characteristics of the virus and the spread of infection.

Tegnell writes: “As far as we know at this time, if you have VUI202012 / 01, COVID-19 is no different than if you have other variants of SARS-CoV-2.”

Outside the United Kingdom, nine cases have been detected in Denmark, and a small number of cases in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia and South Africa.

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