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Sweden placed third in the Czech Republic’s sprint relay

Sweden placed third in the Czech Republic’s sprint relay

Watch the player’s dramatic ending above.

It was a battle between Sweden and Switzerland in the team relay at the World Cup in the Czech Republic, at least initially. In the early stages, the teams took turns taking the lead. It was clear that Sweden, or Switzerland in particular, would win when, after two stages, they were more than a minute behind third place.

In the third period, Sweden lost something when Gustav Bergman failed to maintain Mattias Kiebors’ high pace. Switzerland finally moved into fourth place, one minute behind the Swedish team.

– Matthias ran very fast. I think I’m well guided all the way. But there were very long runs and I think I lost a lot there, Bergman tells SVT Sport.

For the Swedish team, it was Emma Begismo, who made her debut in the first team, who finished the race. She was unable to do anything for Switzerland, and after her failure she also lost second place after the enemy battle. At the final check, Gismo was alongside the Czech Republic which quickly overtook it and took second place. Sweden was finally 1.22 behind Switzerland at the finish line.

– It was nervous, but great fun. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, so I just had to drive,” Bjessmo says of the debut.

Bjessmo made a mistake on the final stage and was set for a quick battle for second place.

-I understood that would happen. As I rolled by I heard they were close. I made a mistake and ran around the wrong building. It took a while and I had to come back, and then I saw the Czech take control again, but I knew we were side by side. It was a stressful ending, she told SVT Sport.

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As for the other Swedish teams, the second team placed fourth, the third team placed eighth, and the fourth team finished eighteenth.