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Alexanderson died about the pictures: “The legs were badly beaten”

Alexanderson died about the pictures: “The legs were badly beaten”

It has now been twelve days since Tove Alexandersson won silver at Trail WC. Meanwhile, there are about two and a half weeks to go until the highlight of the summer – the World Orienteering Championships in Flims-Laax, Switzerland.

– Right now, the form may not be at its best, but there are still a few weeks left until the WC, so I hope I’ll be in really good shape until then, says Alexandersson.

The reason why the model is not at its best can be linked to the WC trajectory.

-This was not something I had specifically trained or prepared for. I have great ability, but my legs have taken a lot of beating from the race. “There were two sessions and the second session was very tiring for me,” says Alexanderson.

Tired – then she had to change her training plan

Is it something that influenced you?

– Slight. I had to change my training a little because I was so tired from the race. But now I feel good again, so maybe now I should be able to train more as planned.

Alexandersson still sees advantages in running a tough race.

– I wanted to take part in it because it was fun to do the race, but I also saw it as a good preparation for the World Steering Championships. It’s going to be a tough World Championship program, so hopefully the muscles will get used to it a little bit now with the hard running up and down. So I hope I won’t be too tired after the World Championships (long distances) so that I can continue to perform well in the remaining races in the World Championships.

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– I knew I would be tired from the race, but I was hoping it would take fewer days to recover.

The orientation session is scheduled for July 13-16 and is broadcast on SVT.