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Sweden misses the European Basketball Championship – it falls to Israel

Sweden misses the European Basketball Championship – it falls to Israel

It was a tough start for Sweden to the match against Israel. With the pressure to win, preferably big, to qualify for the European Championship, the Israelis were 7-0 up early.

But Sweden took some time and was able to come back and pass. When the two teams went to the end of the first half, Sweden led 32-31. This is despite the fact that the Swedes had difficulty scoring all three points. Natalie Fontaine was the only one to make it after half the match.

But after the break, it became difficult for Sweden to continue. Israel withdrew immediately after the break and scored ten points before the first Swedish point came. Then the Israeli lead widened, not least thanks to American-born Alyssa Baron, who scored 29 points in total.

– Sweden is playing badly, it’s that simple. He can’t shoot from outside, he has wrong tactics in defence. Israel were the better team for 40 minutes and I have to say I was amazed, and a little shocked, at how poorly Sweden performed given what was at stake, says SVT expert Nick Rajasic.

“Stress and nervousness”

Frida Eldebrink says the following after the loss:

Our start was not great, and you may feel a little that it is an important match, and we must win it. This can create stress and nervousness, even if you tell yourself it doesn’t have to be that way. But we had a great second half and still led at half-time, so we have to take that with us.

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In the end, the numbers stood at 71-57 and Sweden hit two 3-pointers the entire game. This means that there will be no European Commission for Sweden.

– Very sad, of course. The goal and dream was the European Commission, so of course it’s sad and sad. But this group has a lot of potential to build on, so the future looks bright, points out Frida Eldebrink.

The European Championship is being played in Israel, and as the host country, Israel is already prepared to play the tournament.

Sweden ends the European Championship qualifiers with a meaningless match at home at the Avicii Stadium in Stockholm against Latvia, and the qualifiers will be held on June 15 and 25 in Israel and Slovenia.