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Swedish fourth place: “The best we can do”

Swedish fourth place: “The best we can do”

Joanna Dio Boggi (Mazi Kluvenhoj) and Malin Walkamp Nilsson (Bergsjoholms Valbon) made costly mistakes during their programmes.

“Many, many big, costly mistakes,” SVT expert Gunilla Bystrom says of Duo-Boy’s efforts.

Heavy Swedish day

There was hope that the two Swedish stars, Patrik Kittel (Touchdown/Forever Young HRH) and Therese Nelshagen (Dante Weltino OLD), would be able to salvage the team’s percentage and first place finish for Sweden.

Despite the good efforts made by the Swedish duo, it was not enough to reach the podium all the way.

– They showed once again that Sweden is among the absolute top, but at the same time outside the absolute top, ridiculously close, says Anna Maria Fredholm, commentator on SVT.

Nelshagen became the best Swede with a score of 75.621. Just like during the last European Championships, Sweden finished fourth in the team competition.

British gold

Great Britain took the gold medal ahead of Germany and Denmark. German star Jessica von Bredow Werndel received the highest score today (84.612).

– Not surprised, SVT expert Gunilla Bystrom, British gold.

Today’s results mean that both Patrick Kittel and Therese Nelshagen have qualified for tomorrow’s special match.

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