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"Sweden has risen - but is it too late for the medal?"

“Sweden has risen – but is it too late for the medal?”

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Sweden ‘s sports correspondents agree that it was a completely different Trey Kroner for Tuesday’ s amazing match against Switzerland, compared to the losses against Belarus and Denmark. Has blue-yellow potential, but is it shown late? Express’s Sony Lindstrom calls himself after a 7-0 crush.

Lindstrom expects Sweden to beat Slovakia and Great Britain, but then Russia or the Czech Republic.

“It will be tough. Although I’m very impressed with today’s performance, it’s still a tough path to the playoffs.”

SVT’s Anders Lindflat has a long way to go in the quarterfinals, but is confident that Sweden can pinch a medal. Lindblatt, who previously directed reviews on Johan Karpenlov at the World Cup booth, is now praising the national team captain.

“Now he showed the fingertips with many reverse changes in the chains and was able to do its best when the team needed it the most.”

Great Britain-Denmark 2-3 after extra time

USA-Kazakhstan 3–0

Finland-Norway 5–2

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