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New Bang – Great Britain scores points against Denmark



The next kick off of the World Cup is here.

Great Britain scored a point against Denmark.

Ben O’Connor got off to a dream start after already two minutes into the game with a 1-0 win over Denmark.

Great Britain has won three matches in a row at the A-World Cup, which has not happened since 1951. But it was not there.

Finally agreed

Denmark, led by “Swedish killer” Niklas Jensen, turned the match around and took a 2-1 lead in the final minutes, but the British scored a point.

The upcoming Mike Hammond has four minutes left in the third period.

In the ensuing extra time, the team was sent off for two straight, which was eventually penalized. Malmo defender Marcus Laritson decided in the power play with 25 seconds left to play.


In the second match of the afternoon, the United States beat Kazakhstan 3-0. Voxjo’s gold hero Jack Drew, 21, advanced to the final goal of the match. His first in the national team jersey.

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