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Sweden can Australia in the semi-finals

Sweden will meet in the Olympic semi-finals

Sweden’s competitors in the Olympic semi-finals are excited.

Australia will be led by Tony Gustafson.

It turns out to be an extended drama that is rarely seen.

In the 89th minute, the visitors broke through from the right side after a defensive error.

The team that plays under the British flag two shots in the first 11. The Welshman off the bench.

But he’s pretty much the same England player that Sweden beat in the Bronze Match of the 2019 World Cup.

This team led 2-1 after two hits from Eileen White’s goal machine.

Then superstar Sam Kerr found a late equalizer. Sweden captain Toni Gustafsson was absolutely fortunate and made some great shots of joy.

I got a penalty kick – goal against him in attack after

And he will be happier. But Britain got another golden opportunity to lead the way. In the extra time that followed, the team conceded a penalty – but did not score.

Instead, Mary Fowler was able to give Australia the lead straight into the next attack. 3-2 became 4-2 when Kerr scored another goal in the match.

Then the drama seemed to subside – but White wanted something different. With her third goal in the match, she got on the nerves again.

But the goal was not enough and Australia is ready for the Olympic semi-finals. Gustafson raised his fists to the sky in pure ecstasy. The team has never gone this far in an Olympic tournament.

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This is where Sweden has been waiting. The two teams already met in the group, then Sweden won 4-2.

Sweden defeated Japan 3-1 in the semi-finals.

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