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"Perfect Satire" - "A Movie Nobody Needs"

“Perfect Satire” – “A Movie Nobody Needs”

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The fourth Matrix movie, “The Matrix Resurrections,” isn’t any better than the original—but director Lana Wachowski still managed to create “something immersive and immersive,” says DN reviewer Sebastian Lindvall.

It was good, he wrote, that Wachowski would take on the task with demeanor.

“She dares to bother and touch her,” Lindvall says.

Morten Staley Nielsen of VG calls the movie a “metafilm movie about itself”. He writes that it is full of references to the first movie above all else, but it doesn’t make a great impression.

He concludes, “A movie that no one needs, fewer have ordered, and everyone will soon forget.”

In The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw writes that the fourth Matrix movie does little to clean up the uneasiness that hung in the air after the third movie released in 2003.

“The film is designed to lay the foundation for a new series, but it lacks creative energy,” he writes.

Kulturnytt’s Joakim Silverdal was more positive about the film.

“It is not a soulless sequel trying to make money off our nostalgia. It is pure criticism of such films,” he says in his review.

The average rating is based on six out of seven reviews because some sources do not rate.

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