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SVT reporter: "No one knows how the Taliban will operate"

SVT reporter: “No one knows how the Taliban will operate”

The Taliban demanded that the United States leave by August 31, and now the Taliban have taken control of the entire airport.
– Samir Abu Eid says people who were at the airport until last night, realizing that they would bring one last flight, have now realized that they should abandon their attempt to leave the airport.

Many foreigners who want to leave still remain in the country.

How long can they wait?

– Kabul Airport UN from UK, France and others. But the Taliban did not agree.

However, those who want to leave the country are promised to do so, as many now believe that the airport in Kabul will reopen soon, says Samir Abu Eid. But it is uncertain how they will act and the Taliban have previously prevented people around the airport from fleeing.

At the same time, they should now try to restore some kind of security in the country and form a government.

Now the interesting thing is to see if the Taliban are as isolated as they were in the 1990s and willing to compromise a part so that it does not become a Baria state, there are some that represent it. Or they are going to run their own race and have total control and without listening to the voices of others, if we establish this oppression we have seen before.

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