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Feast and frenzy theater hunger

Focuses on the Century of Female Suffrage "Happy birthday to you" Karin Bowley, Maria Bonton, Nora Bradfeld, Theresa Lindberg and Christine Gulbranson at Norrbottensteatern in Louisville.  Press the image.

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The Centennial of Women’s Suffrage “Jama Han Leva” focuses on Karpin Bowley, Maria Bonton, Nora Breadfield, Theresa Lindberg and Christine Gulbranson at Norpotensteader in Louisville. Press the image.

Premier tight but front games with – at least so far – limited salons. The autumn of the theater is like this. This did not prevent Rickstein from breaking a new booking record already in early summer.

An hour after tickets were released, the Norbotton Theater in Loule sold 1,200 tickets for the fall show, and earlier this year the summer theater sold out in seven minutes. Theater director Gunila Roar testifies to a theater hunger.

– It’s so much fun, you never know if people were worried, she says.

This means that theaters can accommodate up to 150 people instead of 309 in the largest salon. Now you have the chance to see the newly written “Ja Ma Han Leva” based on the female suffrage celebrating the centenary of Emma Molin and Emma Peters from the comedy group Crotesco. Both champions and opponents of the right to vote are portrayed.

This fall’s second own production is a theatrical adaptation of Lars Molin’s classic “The Tattooed Widow” stage.

Many guest games

Like stgötateatern, Norrbottensteatern has moved canceled premiers from this spring to next year. In Lule, the epidemic effect is observed in many guest games.

– We always have many guest games, which are part of our mission. Now we try to say yes as much as we can, we are very hungry. I set myself a standard, I was starving. I think life is very meaningless without theater and art. I’m so happy now, there are so many like me, says Kunilla Roar.

The National Theater is working to the maximum of its ability to handle more bookings than ever before. Marion Mark will be performing the single “Brit-Marie was Here” in at least 40 different scenes, and more this spring. Theater director Dritëro Kasapi is particularly proud of his strong international guest appearance, including British actress and performance artist Selena Thompson, who is now touring the country with the award-winning performance “Salt”. In the legacy of thematic slavery, and in production she first sailed on a cargo ship on the former slave triangle between Britain, Ghana and Jamaica.

The outlook after the epidemic is very important because we could not travel and there are so many interesting artists who come here and tour, says Tridoro Kasabi.

Everyone is on stage

The play marks the beginning of a historic autumn with a joint gathering of forces participating throughout the entire stage. “The Last Minute”, directed and directed by theater director Matthias Anderson, has over 70 contributors. In the spring, he saw Dramton as “the prototype of a theater in an apocalyptic landscape with closed theaters around the world.”

– What are they and what should they be filled with? This is also a misconception about the meaning of art, he then told TT.

Escape from the national stage reality and offer a feast by producing the classic musical “Cabaret” by Furnace Arababi. The plot takes place in Berlin in the 1930s, where partygoers forget about Nazism, poverty and other misery and head to the KitKat Club.

“Damn stubborn”

Östgötateatern did not have more premieres than usual, but the duo: “Amali”, a Broadway musical based on the movie “Amali from Montmart” and produced by Malin Axelson’s brand new Eurodisco music “Euphoria” with music by Rebecca and Fiona. With Riksteatern.

Theater director Nils Boleti is set to play this fall.

– People want to go back, and we feel the same way. It will not be a theater until the audience sits here. Expect restrictions throughout the fall. We can hope that they will decrease, but now we do not want to close. I am stubborn this time. Now we play!

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