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Svenska Magasinet - Spanish royal couple travel to Sweden

Svenska Magasinet – Spanish royal couple travel to Sweden

Ola Josephson
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At 1pm on Tuesday, the Spanish royal couple Don Felipe and Dona Leticia will make a state visit to Stockholm from the Barajas Airport in Madrid. The program officially kicks off Wednesday at the Royal Palace. The state visit takes two days.

Already on Tuesday, a reception awaits at the Spanish Embassy in Djurgården, where 200 Spanish citizens residing in Sweden have been invited. A total of 12,800 Spaniards live in Sweden.

The Spanish royal couple is leaving for Sweden at the invitation of Swedish royal couple Carl XVI Gustaf and Sylvia. This is the first official state visit between the two countries after 42 years.

The fact that there have been no state visits for four decades does not mean that there was any connection between the two royal families. Meetings between members of the royal family have taken place frequently over the years, and the Spanish court has ruled that Zarzuela’s official visit to Sweden this week will be the first visit to a European royal palace in Sweden in a decade.

The purpose of the Government visit is to strengthen relations and cooperation between the two countries in the areas of innovation, digitalization, green energy and trade.

– Sweden’s ambassador to Spain Depo Tourianen told reporters that this would be a very special occasion.

– The Government visit will be a unique opportunity to strengthen the existing good relations between the two countries and what should be given priority. There is a lot more to do especially when it comes to business.

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The royal couple is traveling to Stockholm with Foreign and EU Minister Jose Manuel Albarez and Innovation Minister Diana Morant.

Since June 2014, Don Philippe and Donna Leticia have made a total of eleven state trips: Mexico and France (2015), Portugal (2016), Japan and the United Kingdom (2017), Peru (2018), Morocco, Argentina, South Korea and Cuba (2019). ) And Andorra in March of this year.

(Photo: Spanish Royal House Gaza Real)

The project was implemented for government visits from Spain