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Svenska Magasinet – Cheese from Ja சிறந்தn, the best in the world

Ola Josephson
10:00 Released

Could the silver lining be the same? When the World Cheese Awards 2021 were recently concluded in Oviedo, Asturias, cheese maker Quesos y Besos in Jaén was ranked first and sixth among the best cheeses in the world.

Andalusian cheese Olavidia topped the World Cheese Award when 4,000 cheeses from 48 countries and five continents were judged by a panel of judges. Fierce competition with 15 finalists.

In addition, the organic family business ranked sixth with Quesos y besos Camenbeso.

Olavidia is a goat cheese of high quality and has received many awards from various competitions in the past. It is made from the milk of a Malagar goat that runs freely on the slopes of the Sierra Sur in John.

Behind Quesos y Besos in Jaén are Sylvia Beles and Paco Romero, who started the company in 2017 with a total of seven employees.

Here are the best cheeses in the world:

1. Olavidia, Kuzos y Bezos (Spanish). 103 poäng
2. Fromagerie Berthaut (France). 98
3. Van der Hayden Gauss (Netherlands). 97
4. Csíz Sajtmühely Kft (Hungary). 96
5. Gijerweld Food (Netherlands). 95
6. Comenbeso, Cheese and Kisses (Spanish). 94
7. Trethowan’s Dairy Ltd (Storbritannien). 93
8. MAAZ Cheese (Netherlands). 92
9. Milk pure – Artisan Paul (Italian). 91
10. The rural village of Schlins (Austria). 91
11. Almnäs Bruk AB (Sweden). 89
12. National Formigiano Regiano Rosola de Soka Agricultural Cooperative Society (Italy) 88
13. Prolactin France (Fran்ois) 86
14. Trethowan’s Dairy Ltd (Storbritannien). 85
15. Firesland Campina (Netherlands) 83
16. Creating Workshop (Japan) 82

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