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Supreme IS Girlfriend ″ | Europe renewed by British Supreme Court decision on return | D.W.

Shamima Begum, the so-called “girlfriend of ISIS” who was stripped of her British citizenship for joining a jihadi group in Syria as a teenager in the Islamic State, will be ruled by the British Supreme Court in this country (02.26.2021). Challenge that decision.

Judges in this case must execute the sentence 09:45 (local and GMT), which has become a precedent for the issue posed by Western nations on how to treat their compatriots who have joined the jihadists.

Begum, now 21, left her East London home and moved to Syria at the age of 15 with two schoolmates. There he became an I.S. Married to a militant, the Dutch jihadist is eight years senior.

The expulsion of the three girls came as a shock to England six years ago. In 2019, Begum told The Times that she had no regrets about going to Syria and that she was “not at all upset” by seeing the severed head in the trash.

The UK withdrew his passport in 2019 on the basis of national security, and he is eligible for other citizenship as he is of Bangladeshi descent.

He now wants to return to the UK to apply for British nationality, and his lawyers argue that his case should be heard in their presence.

The young woman is currently detained in a camp for ISIS members run by the Kurds in Syria, where her husband is imprisoned and her three children have died.

He argues that the decision to revoke his British citizenship was unlawful because it destabilized him and exposed him to the risk of death or inhumane and degrading treatment.

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