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Islamic State: UK court denies return of young woman to ISIS | International

Shamina Begum’s sister showed her photo in London in February 2015.Laura Lean / AFP

Shamima Begum, a young Londoner who fled to Syria in 2015 with two high school classmates to join the Islamic State (ISIS), will not return to the United Kingdom to appeal against the government’s decision to withdraw her British national Supreme Court. Ruled this Friday. The country’s highest court has ruled in favor of the executive, appealing against an appeals court ruling in July that allowed Begum to return to British territory for her trial – which will now be adjourned …

When she was found in a Syrian refugee camp nine months pregnant in February 2019, the government revoked the nationality of the now 21-year-old girl for “security reasons”. He also refused to return to the UK to appeal the decision, saying that doing so would create “significant national security risks” and expose the British to “increase the risk of terrorism”, as agreed by the Supreme Court today.

Presenting the verdict this Friday, Judge Robert Reed pointed out that the case for claiming her nationality should be adjourned indefinitely because the young woman’s return was not considered “safe.” “The appropriate answer to the problem in the present case is a judgment of deficiency [de nacionalidad] It should be adjourned until Begum has a better role in it without compromising the safety of the citizens, ”the magistrate said.

The judge agreed, “This is not a valid solution because it is not known how long it will take until it is possible.” In the judgment, the Supreme Court magistrate acknowledged that the denial of nationality “would have serious consequences for the person in question” because, although he was not unstable, he “had no real connection” with any other nationality to which he had access.

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Shamima Begum, who was born and raised in the UK, now lives in a refugee camp in northern Syria, where she married Yako Reidzik, a Muslim-Dutch convert, and had three children, all of whom died. On February 17, 2015, Begum, 15, and her friends Katisha Sultana, 16, and Amira Abbas, 15, three students from East London High School, flew from the British capital to Istanbul and from there to Syria, where the jihadi group shocked the UK.

In February 2019, the young woman, who was later in prison with her third child and husband, announced in an interview with a reporter The Times I wanted to go back to the UK. According to media reports, her friend Qadisa Sultana was killed in an airstrike by Russian forces in support of the Syrian government, and Amira Abbas, who married an Australian-born jihadist, may still be alive.