In the Västernorrland region, 13 patients with covid-19 are currently being cared for in hospitals, of whom 2 are in intensive care. This is double compared to the beginning of the week.

– We had a tense care site and difficulty providing care workers for a long time. In recent days, the situation has deteriorated even more. We are also seeing that more and more residents with COVID-19 require hospital care, Anders Lundin, Acting District Manager, District Physical Medicare, says in a press release.

The stress of the care site has resulted in several people being overcrowded and this is the main reason Sundsvall Hospital is now positioning staff. The hospital is also activating the second step in its escalation plan for covid-19, which means that staff from other departments will be moved to the infection department, where covid-19 patients will be cared for.

To ensure that workplaces and care can be used to meet urgent care needs, planned care that is not emergency will be deferred.

If the number of COVID-19 patients continues to increase, we have good planning and experience to change care. However, we’re faced with a tense situation when it comes to places of care available, which means that the limit has been raised a bit for patients who get a place of care and how long patients stay in hospital, Anders Lundin says.