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Molendaal: iva intense flu season: 'very tough'

Molendaal: iva intense flu season: ‘very tough’

Flu season has resulted in a significant absence of illness among IVA workers, at the same time as the virus is infecting patients and the pressure is rising.

To P4 Gothenburg, Karin Löwhagen, chief operating officer of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Clinic in Mölndal, says she’s never experienced something like this, and it’s hard to understand why it happened.

– I don’t know if anyone knows. There are very many who have been infected by their children, and there are large groups of children who get sick at home and then their parents also get the infection at home.

One reason may be that the mutated influenza A virus has not dominated Sweden in recent years, with the result that the virus mutates and not many people get sick.

The longer the period between infection with the flu, the greater the risk of contracting the disease. That’s because the immune system no longer recognizes the virus either, epidemiologist Anasara Karnahan at the Swedish Public Health Agency explained to Aftonbladet.

At iva in Gothenburg, Karin Lohagen describes the situation as difficult.

– It all affects at the same time in a way that we have not experienced before, it is very difficult, she tells P4 Gutenberg.

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