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Study: 'Great Britain's temperature record impossible without climate change'

Study: “Warm record impossible in Great Britain without climate change”

Due to the summer heat in Britain, the temperature in the country has risen from 38.7 to 40 degrees. IN study From the World Weather Project, a team of researchers from different countries have studied the possible links between warming and climate change.

Researchers conclude that global warming is ten times worse than last week’s heat wave in England and Wales. They also note that temperatures were 2-4 degrees higher than they would have been without the impact of climate change.

Temperatures that occur “once in 500 years”.

To carry out the study, the researchers used climate models to simulate a world before warming, comparing temperatures in England and Wales with what the weather has been like historically.

According to the analysis, heat waves have become more common in Europe in recent years. But according to the researchers, the heat in Great Britain was unusual even by today’s climate standards. According to their calculations, the heat at the three weather stations in London is once every 500 years.

Analysis of the effects of the heat wave is still incomplete. But according to the researchers, there are estimates that 840 more people died than would have happened without the heat.

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