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Disappointment for Sweden in Nations Cup

Disappointment for Sweden in Nations Cup

This is Sweden’s last chance to secure a place in the first tier of the Nations Cup when the pre-final round takes place in Hickstead, Great Britain, on Saturday.

Sweden was out at starting number three and Stephanie Holman was first out with Flippin’ Little Sparrow. They started well on the big 1.60 course, but eventually faltered and had a total of 8 faults.

The British prodigy had a flawless first round Harry CharlesJust turned 23 and hails from Sweden Casquo blue (Owner Stahl Jet) for home team. The next infallible is the veteran Ludger BeerbaumGermany and Mila.

Further Angelie Van Essen And Happy DK Z With two wins, it’s now a dark start to the protocol for Sweden. Wilma Hellstrom And Cicci Bjn However, it ran great and was flawless for a long time. However, they stumbled at one of the last hurdles and picked up four fouls.

Jonah Ekberg The last of the Swedish riders was Calypso de Beaufort Who doesn’t want to join today. There was a real tear and the horse broke twice in the water trough, so the team was withdrawn. This left Sweden in last place with 20 faults.

Although the first three riders were now well rounded, in the second round, obstacles fell for the Swedish riders. One vulnerability for Steffy, two for Angeli and one for Wilma. However, Jonah Ekberg’s horse did not want to jump into the trench in the second round, so they were again excluded. Sweden finished with a total of 36 fouls and was last in the tournament.

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Harry Charles and Casquo Blue were faultless in the second round, where his senior colleague was also. John Whittaker He avenged his eight errors in the first round and tied for zero Equine America Unique du Franckport. So did the Olympic gold medalist Ben Maher like Faldik H.P There were 12 errors in the first round – now they are error-free.

Tensions rose in the second round as Brazil, Germany and France each finished on 8 faults. Thus there was a competition to win with one player from each team.

France eventually got the better of Germany, and Brazil had to settle for third place.

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