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At the event EC - Terrain riding today, here you meet all the riders

At the event EC – Terrain riding today, here you meet all the riders

On Friday, the Youth Election Commission concluded at the event. It went to the best individual Amanda Anderson On that day Jersey14th in the Young Rider class.

– After dressing it is very close, so even if we are a little behind the team than we would like, it is absolutely possible to reach the distance, says the national team leader Victoria Carlerback.

What are your thoughts on tomorrow’s landscape?
– The off-road course is hilly with various questions that are inviting and challenging. There doesn’t seem to be any specific obstacle that riders have particular respect for, but overall fitness and focus are required.
– I believe that time has a big impact. Seven riders at each level will be making their debut in the championship environment, so it will be an exciting day tomorrow.

Stages After Dressing – Teams:

The younger ones
1) Germany 86.6 penalty points
2) Great Britain 88.2
3) Ireland 93.8
9) Sweden 108.6
(Tilde Borg Zeidlitz/First Edition 39.1, Julia Anderson/Cocktail Imperial 34.7, Alice Klarfelt/Anolanda D 34.8)

Young riders
1) Germany 89.1 penalty points
2) Great Britain 93.2
3) France 96.0
8) Sweden 112.3
(Wilma Nylon/Stinger 43.8, Elvira Rosenberg/Guy 36.4, Anna Swann/Electronic 43.9, Amanda Anderson/Jersey 32.1)

During Saturday, terrain is ridden for both classes. Swedish opening times:

9.30 Juniors
10.27 Tilde Borg Zeidlitz/First Edition
11.27 Julia Anderson/Cocktail Imperial
12.12 Alice Klarfeld/Anolanda d

13.30 Young Rider
13.30 Wilma Nyhlén/Stinger
14.03 Elvira Rosenberg/Ky
14.51 Anna Swan/Electronic
15.27 Amanda Anderson/Jersey

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