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Strengthened defense in Gothenburg benefits the entire country

Strengthened defense in Gothenburg benefits the entire country

It is necessary to strengthen the defense of Gothenburg, the West Coast and Sweden. Therefore, a new amphibious regiment is now being re-established in Gothenburg, as part of the largest defense investment in Sweden since the 1950s.

The 2000 Defense Resolution resulted in the dismantling of Gothenburg’s stationary coastal artillery. The remaining amphibious unit was only active for four years before it was shut down as well. Military activities can continue to some extent in the form of the Defense Medical Center and smaller units of other units. Now the government is strengthening military protection.

Over time, the security situation in our part of the world has deteriorated. Since the government took office in 2014, the focus has been on increasing national defense capacity and in-depth international defense cooperation. During the 2015-2020 period, the defense appropriations increased by 25% and between 2021-2025 the increase would be more than 40%.

Mission with a military presence on the West Coast

Conscription has been reactivated. The goal is to reach 8,000 trained recruits by 2025. With the re-establishment in Gothenburg, the Gutenberg garrison will increase to more than 800 officers, soldiers, sailors and civilians. The number of recruits being trained will reach about 300 recruits annually. The increased training of amphibious units also enhances the skills and personnel of the Naval Home Guard, which in itself is an important resource for the defense of Gothenburg and the West Coast.

The military presence on the West Coast is important for operational reasons.

The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia. The military presence on the West Coast is important for practical reasons. Sweden’s ability to receive international support in the Port of Gothenburg and port areas, as well as contacts with the West, will be protected, and cooperation with our Nordic and Euro-Atlantic partners will be deepened. One example is the new agreement between Denmark, Norway and Sweden with an emphasis on in-depth defense cooperation in the western parts of the countries.

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Increased Russian military activity

The new focus of Swedish defense is due to the deterioration of security policy development in our part of Europe. In connection with the recently completed Russian military exercises Zabad, which were conducted in the western parts of Russia and Belarus, respectively, we saw extensive movements of forces near the borders of our neighboring states. At the same time, there is the use of non-military force, the so-called hybrid attacks, against other countries.

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In our immediate area, there is an increased Russian military activity in the Baltic Sea, in the Arctic, in the North Atlantic, off the coast of Norway and towards Great Britain. Russian operations are intended to be able to cut supply lines between the United States and Europe, but also to make their presence felt.

Today, another step is being taken for a stronger defense of the West Coast and our country. Each recruit trained in the unit is in itself a mark of security policy.

Demolition is easy, construction is difficult. The union should know that it has the full support of the government and the municipality behind it.

It is about defending Sweden.

Stefan Lovin (small), Prime Minister

Peter Holtqvist (Q), defense minister

Jonas Ateneos (small) The opposition council and group leader in the municipal council

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