Street Tree Pods Could Solve London Housing Shortage

Residential pods built into trees alongside leafy residential streets could help to solve London’s housing shortage, according to a new proposal.

The pods would take up the same amount of space as a car space, be accessed by a ladder and could offer short term accommodation for students, young professionals, first time buyers and the homeless.

Matthew Chamberlain, who formulated the proposal as part of his MA in architecture at University of Westminster, told the Dezeen website he believes trees are a vital piece of city infrastructure that are currently under utilised. He said: “Street Tree Pods seeks to offer a fresh insight into urbanisation and community living within London, tackling and challenging both the current housing crisis and the growing pollution issues within the city.

“These self-sufficient, low impact urban tree pods merge the house and street tree together, facilitating humans innate attraction towards nature and natural processes, along with focusing on the importance of wellness and sustainable architecture.”

Many will be disappointed that this is likely to progress no further than being a truly innovative design concept. However it illustrates a very serious point: Truly radical thinking is needed to satisfy London’s massive housing supply and demand imbalance.

Source Dezeen
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