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Today, companies and individuals spend huge amounts of money on alarms, cameras, and security guards. But although the alarm goes off and the camera visualizes what happened, it often happens that the thief is gone before the guard is in place. A more effective way to protect property and avoid theft is to prevent the thief from getting in at all.

Preventing burglary is about gaining time. If the thief feels that it is taking too long to break through, the attempt will be stopped. The weakest point of most of the properties are the glass pane windows and doors. Replacing these windows with unbreakable Hammerglass windows means a sharp increase in safety, says Bengt Nelson, CEO of Hammerglass AB.

We think it’s great that a lot of money is spent on security systems and guards when the solution is much closer. If the thief does not enter, then nothing will be stolen or broken. If you are concerned about being burgled or vandalized, you should choose our products instead of glass or laminated glass, which will break if you turn them on, continues Bengt.

The new generation of unbreakable glass

Hammerglass introduces the new generation of unbreakable glass in nano-treated polycarbonate. The innovation provides protection in all environments with the risk of broken glass, burglary or damage, the company’s products are used today in all types of real estate: shops, shopping centers, public buildings, municipalities, schools, sports facilities, police stations, offices, industries, villas and apartments.

In addition to unbreakable polycarbonate glass, which can be adapted to all windows, Hammerglass also provides additional profiles that are installed on the outside of the window in a special frame. No need to replace the window.

– It will be like the invisible network, which is the thing that the local environment has so much to gain. In the past 10 years we have delivered more than 50,000 units of our additional profiles and we are not aware of a single burglary attempt after installation where the thief managed to get in. Our unbreakable windows cost about 20 percent more than regular windows, but they’re low compared to the money vandalism, inconvenience, lost time and — not least — the discomfort of someone inside the home or office, says Bengt Nelson.

Film Self Healing Rope – This year’s news

Among the many properties, such as schools, the most vandalism is located at the entrance. Even in the case of using an anti-theft polycarbonate solution, the problem of scratches remains. To address this, Hammerglass ScreenSaver self-healing protective film was launched May 1.

– If you protect your unbreakable window with ScreenSaver Protection Film, most scratches and minor damage to the film will heal within a day. In exposed areas, special solutions are needed and for those who expect vandalism, the product is perfect. Bengt Nelson concludes that if the attacks become too large, it is easy to change the film, not the entire box.

More information about Hammerglass

Hammerglass started in 2006 and today has 53 employees and offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, USA, Canada and Italy. The company has estimated sales of about 120 million Swedish kronor this year and consists of three divisions – Real Estate, Infrastructure and Automotive. Fastighet operates in the real estate and security sector and is the only company to offer unbreakable insulating glass with full warranty for schools, shops, industries and more. Infrastructure has developed its own solutions for unbreakable noise barriers, bus shelters, travel hubs, bridges and tunnels. Cars secure driver environments in construction machinery.


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