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Stop the misogynistic dress code

Stop the misogynistic dress code

Ahead of the European Beach Handball Championship, the players of the Norwegian women’s team protested the clothes that beach handball players must wear in accordance with international regulations. It says that “women should wear a bikini where the top should be a tight sports bra with deep necklines at the arms. Underpants should be no more than ten centimeters long from the sides.” On the other hand, men have the right to play with linen and shorts. Their Swedish colleagues did not delay in agreeing with the criticism. In an interview in GT/Expressen (24/5), Swedish gamer Lina Barksten said, “It’s a bit like jumping and throwing yourself and thinking about covering up because we have little clothes. To walk around in panties in the sand and you have to pull them all the time… It’s a person What decided this.”

Once the European Championships are tied Starting in mid-July, the Norwegians decided to play in thigh-length tights and receive the accompanying fines for breaking federation rules. Shortly before the tournament started, they were told that not only would they have to pay, but they also risked being disqualified. However, the Norwegian women’s team chose to play with longer pants in the bronze match against Spain 19/7.

Not surprisingly, different sports, for both practical reasons and traditions, have their own dress codes. On the other hand, it is unacceptable and sexist that different demands are placed on men and women. Or they are forced to exercise while wearing clothes that many find uncomfortable, impractical and expensive.

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In a comment on Twitter Theresa Kochler, a journalist at SVD, suggested that ladies playing handball on the beach should protest the rule of faith by stopping to shave: Then: Wait and see.” Kochler’s idea is great. The only problem is that it’s not realistic at all. The rule is too narrow So much so that beautiful women are hairless women, those who don’t shave their legs, their armpits and bikini line are aging and saggy.Elite esports are like no one else controlled by mainstream beauty ideals.Anyone good enough can raise sponsorship money.For men , it’s not really the same.Sure, a handsome outward appearance can give more attention, but it is skill that basically determines the status.

This is a big shame That in 2021 we didn’t get any further. That women’s sports still mostly revolved around the surface and that anti-women dress codes persisted. We hope that the attitude of Norwegian women’s beach handball is a step towards change that leads to the International Beach Handball Federation writing about its rules. Sports should always be about achievement. It’s not about showing off the ultimate in skin.