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Still violent during the Mexican elections |  GP

Still violent during the Mexican elections | GP

Sunday’s midterm elections in Mexico and its campaign trail were among the bloodiest in the country’s history. It is said that more than 90 politicians have been killed since the start of the election campaign in September and nearly a thousand people have been attacked.

In the State of Mexico, an object resembling a grenade must have been thrown into a polling station during Election Day. The object turned out to be harmless but the room was temporarily emptied of people.

In Sinaloa, election materials were looted from several polling stations, and in the southeastern state of Chiapas, several people were killed on Saturday when gunmen attacked people preparing for polling stations on Sunday. One person was injured, and when he was about to be taken to hospital, the car in which he was traveling with local residents was attacked, killing five people, authorities said.

On Sunday, Mexico’s midterm elections were held to appoint 500 members of the House of Representatives to Congress, 15 of the 32 state governors and thousands of local politicians.

Eric Ulysses Ramirez, a left-wing candidate who survived an assassination attempt last month in Cocola, Guerrero state, said two of his allies were kidnapped and beaten before being released on Sunday.

The government says most of the killings are linked to criminal groups that want to increase their political influence, particularly at the local level.