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Stenevi: Nuclear Power Moderate Pacifier Blanket |  GP

Stenevi: Nuclear Power Moderate Pacifier Blanket | GP

Stenevi begins the speech by drawing scenes from Canada as this summer’s rapid wildfires have affected the small community of Lytton.

– Sounds a bit like a prequel to a disastrous movie. But it is not. This is our new reality. It happens here and now.

It accuses other parliamentary parties of not doing much on climate and environmental issues and calls the MP the only climate party. For sure you don’t need to purchase custom research paper to realize how ecology disasters will impact everyday life.

She describes the moderates as paralyzed.

– The moderates’ only climate proposal, nuclear power, is nothing more than a cover.

Then she said the liberals’ compass was broken when they wanted to compromise with the Swedish Democrats, which she calls the right-wing populist party. It puts forward the SD proposal to deploy the army in high-risk areas.

No matter how angry and insulting they may be, we will continue to point out what the Right never wants to talk about, says Steneve and continues:

– This is the brutal underestimation of the Swedish bourgeoisie that the only way you can pursue your politics is to throw all liberal values ​​into the sea and sit in the bosom of a party with roots in the white power movement.

Don’t think it’s strange that M, KD, and L want to discuss color choices in star combinations. Recently, a significant debate arose regarding the MP who described M, KD, L and SD as a blue-brown configuration.

– That means they don’t have to talk about having to lean toward sustainable development to have a chance to govern, says Marta Steneve.