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We look back and see when Phil Schiller showed The Lightning

We look back and see when Phil Schiller showed The Lightning

It’s almost scary to think of how long it’s been since Apple introduced its first iPhone, and now, nearly 16 years later, it’s time for Apple to replace the charging port for a second time.

It all started with the first iPhone model It came with the same charging connector as the iPod, a rather broad and unwieldy thing called a 30-pin connector. As the iPhone started to make more and more progress, accessories also started appearing in the stores. Among other things, smaller stereos were sold that had a built-in 30-pin so that our iPod or iPhone could stand majestically on the charger and rip out the music from our iTunes library. Everyone who had an iPod before the iPhone was launched also thought it convenient to be able to charge their iPod and iPhone with the same cable, so you can say that for an Apple user, life is now wonderful.

30 pins as far as the eye can see – almost anyway

Then one day in the early fall of 2012 Many of us felt like we’d just put a damp cloth on our face – the iPhone 5 appears. Suddenly, there’s a brand new connector that Apple calls Lightning, shrunk to 80 percent smaller than the 30-pin connector. Not only did it get smaller, but it was also easier to insert the charging cable in the evening when we didn’t have to turn on the light to see which way the 30-pin connector would go into the phone. With Lightning, we didn’t have to flip the wire because it was nice to go both ways. Despite this good news, many people, including the undersigned, were deeply upset and a little disappointed. A great Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere stereo that I could put my iPhone 4S in wasn’t nearly as nice now and all the chargers I bought were just a waste.

She is very beautiful and has participated in many youth parties.

In true Apple spirit, Apple has The solution is a converter. It was a fairly heavy thing we could squeeze into our bad stereo. Above the expensive adapter is the Lightning port where we put the cellphone and with the cellphone in place it wobbled more than Mathias Severyd does when he was on a cruise to Finland and the clock struck 03:30.

The Transformer That Nobody Liked.

Fortunately, the man is right Good at forgetting and moving on with life (at least most of it), so when all the stereo and new cables and other accessories were bought, it was as if Lightning was always there and all the inconvenience disappeared. It was really nice to have a handy little connector that was easy to insert into the phone and just as easy to pull out. Since 2012, Lightning has been allowed to keep up with the iPhone, but with the iPhone 15 series being introduced next week, it’s time to say goodbye to Lightning. We don’t think the shift will be as dramatic as last time around, as most people connect wirelessly to both their music systems and their cars today. Many have also switched to wireless charging and hopefully they won’t need to buy too many extra adapters and cables this fall.

To experience some nostalgia again So take a look back at the time Phil Schiller took to the stage in 2012 and delivered something that will soon go to the grave – lightning.

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