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Skådespelaren/manusförfattaren Uje Brandelius och regissören Henrik Schyffert håller i sina guldbaggar som de vann för filmen "Spring Uje spring".

“Spring Uje Spring” won many awards at the Film Gala – Radio Sweden in Easy Swedish

The movie “Uje spring” got three golden bugs. He won Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Actor awards. The movie is a pop about illness and life, and it’s sad and funny at the same time. It is about the musician Auggie Brandelius.

Augie Prandelius has Parkinson’s disease illness a few years ago. Parkinson’s disease is a serious disease that cannot be cured. Augie Prandelius gave a musical about his life, which was a success. Last year, director Henrik Scheffert made a feature film about the show. Augie Prandelius wrote the script as he plays his role in the film.

Oggy Brandelius Musical. This is the first time he has acted in a feature film. And he joked that he had to apologize to the real actors, because he won the award.

– My God, how sick. I shouldn’t stand here as I feel. I should start by apologizing to all the real actors, including Rolf LassgÃ¥rd. I am not an actor, but I became an actor. I made a movie about myself, played myself, and it was clearly a winning concept. The expert jury has had their say, they are experts, and you should listen to the experts. So thank you for the bombshell, says Augie Prandelius.

The movie “The Charter” also won three awards At the Golden Bug Gala. He won awards for Best Director, Best Female Role and Best Picture. Amanda Kernell wrote and directed “The Pact.” It’s about Alice, who may lose custody of her two children. She takes the kids on a charter trip to the Canary Islands, though she doesn’t get it. The charter is also Sweden’s contribution to this year’s US Academy Awards.

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The movie “Greta” won an award Best Documentary. The film is about climate activist Greta Thunberg. Director Nathan Grossman has followed Greta Thunberg since she started a climate strike, 2018.