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Sports federations will get more money next year

Sports federations will get more money next year

“Private sports federations have been given more space here to boost recruitment, especially among children and youth, and increase accessibility,” RF Vice President Tommy Allstrom said in a press release.

The resolution, voted in numbers 170-15, is based on a proposal from the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, which is backed by ten other associations that want a larger portion of the sport’s annual state support of two billion billion to go to the sport. The unions also very much want to decide for themselves what money to spend.

‘Free of governing guidelines’

We feel that there are more and more expectations from RF and therefore more management. Karina Olson, president of the Shooting Association, who is one of those who signed the proposal, told Dagens Nyheter in April that we’d like to control more of our money.

This part is also included as a point in the collective decision.

The RF writes: “Support for Special Sports Federations should, as far as possible, be free from governing advice and provide conditions for simplified management and reporting.”

According to the RF, the increased allocation will come from increased revenues, rationalization and cost savings. Therefore, there is a concern among the RF / Sisus district associations, which did not have the right to vote at the meeting, that a number of their services are in danger, he writes DN.

I do not think that all private unions understand the role of district unions. That means you shift responsibility and I hope everyone understands what the increased responsibility means, former basketball star Kiki Johansson, who represents the Varmland County Association, said during the discussion, DN.

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Increase support for parachutes

The Swedish Sports Federation also decided to provide support for parachute federations and associations competence. It is about financial support, but it is also about, for example, assistance with various concepts and definitions that will facilitate and reduce the fear of “doing or saying wrong”.

“We need to get better at including people with disabilities in our operations. We can also see that the epidemic has hit this particular target group very hard,” says Lotta Kelander, a member of the Swedish Sports Federation.