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Speed ​​increases in Aurora 23

Speed ​​increases in Aurora 23

In Ikcho, soldiers from the Defense Medical Center built a field hospital and, together with emergency services and the police, conducted an all-out defense exercise in Jönköping. In the exercise scenario, a mine was detonated at Jönköping Airport, which caused many casualties.

From Finland, Neyland’s brigade also reached Berga, south of Stockholm. They have about a dozen combat boats with them for ongoing joint training with Swedish amphibious soldiers.

Hunter soldiers from K 3 in Karlsborg also solved several reconnaissance tasks by first jumping with a parachute over the water.

The Home Guard is involved in Aurora 23 with about 9,000 soldiers and initially practiced, among other things, the laying of mines in the port of Ystad.

– We are now in rehearsal a few days and additional units have joined. I have followed many important trainings in Boden, Gothenburg, Skövde and Jönköping. I am amazed at the imaginative positive commitment and willingness to practice “together” with both international associations and civic actors. Through this, we are increasing our operational capability and our total defensive capabilities, says Stefan Andersson, exercise leader for Aurora 23.

Kalixfors Air Base in Kiruna is protected and guarded by the 10th Home Defense Battalion under the command of Aurora 23. They belong to the Lapland Fighter Group. Today, Commander-in-Chief Michael Peden visited the Home Guard soldiers.

During the same period, there is also a collaboration with the Norwegian Home Guard HV16, training various functions together with the Swedish Home Guard soldiers, including how to use a dog as a sensor.