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Navalny faces another 10 years in prison

Navalny faces another 10 years in prison

The world-famous opposition politician and critic of Putin has been in prison since February 2021. A few months ago, he was poisoned with the neurotoxin Novogok and taken to Germany for treatment. When he returned to Moscow after recovering, he was arrested at the airport He was sentenced to prison. According to the prosecutor, Navalny then violated the rules of a previous conditional sentence for an economic crime – in a case that the European Court of Justice ruled as unfounded. He was unable to appear before the Russian authorities because he received intensive care abroad. The legal process has been condemned by politicians and activists around the world.

This summer, Navalny’s organization, the Anti-Corruption Fund, was designated as an extremist organization. People who started or are active in “extremist” organizations may not run in presidential elections for several years. In addition, the founders risk imprisonment of up to 10 years. Persons who participated in such an organization are liable to imprisonment for 6 years.

So now you want the state Use their new legal tools and prosecute Alexei Navalny accordingly.

in a press release As posted on the website of the Federal Commission of Inquiry, it states that in 2014 Navalny set up an extremist organization whose goal was to “change the structure of the constitution.” The commission also wrote that Alexei Navalny wanted to destroy “public security and state integrity.”

Evidence for the above allegations includes the fact that Navalny’s organization opened offices in 37 Russian cities and used its YouTube channel for “propaganda purposes”. The Committee considers that this should have led to destabilization in several Russian regions, and to widespread disturbances in the streets due to the demonstrations.

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On several occasions The state’s dealings with Alexei Navalny led to large demonstrations throughout Russia.

In addition to Navalny himself, many of his closest associates are also at risk of prosecution for their involvement in the organization.

The opposition politician has not yet commented on the new accusations against him.

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