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Soon you can see the Perseids meteor shower - dates you should be aware of

Soon you can see the Perseids meteor shower – dates you should be aware of

Bring a date and a picnic blanket and some blankets one August night for perhaps the best dating idea in the world – to go see the Perseids meteor shower!

every 133 years

It is Comet Swift-Tuttle that will pass through the inner solar system between Jupiter and the Sun. This phenomenon only occurs every 133 years and creates beautiful star waterfalls.

The remnants, i.e. dust and pebbles, from the comet appear as a ring above the solar system. Each time the Earth moves in the ring and dust falls into our atmosphere, it is seen as a unique light show in the sky.

warm up

When meteorites hit the atmosphere, they are moving at a speed of about 60 kilometers per second. And this, in turn, causes the air in front to be so tense that it heats up to more than 1000 degrees.

That’s what makes meteors burn and voila – we see a falling star.

When, how and where?

To enjoy the great views, you should be outside, away from the city lights at night between August 12 and 13. This is when the Perseids reach their peak and if the sky is clear, you can see up to 100 stars falling per hour.

It’s usually possible to see between two and eight falling stars per hour, so it’s at least one night you don’t want to miss.

If you’re busy that night in mid-August, chances are higher. Participation in Perseids is possible between July 17 and August 24 this year, writes illustrator flag العلم.

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It will probably be a date that none of you will ever forget!