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Some Outriders have lost all of their gear

Some Outriders have lost all of their gear

An update that would solve the problem only made it worse.

Like many other demanding online games, it has gone through a bit of pitfalls Outriders Immediately after his release. Despite server problems and some bugs, it seemed to be well received, and Joakim Kilman gave it a third in reconsidering. But although log-in issues and separate rounds of play are annoying, some players have experienced a more serious issue.

Since the release, there have been reports of players suddenly losing all of their gear, for example after spending countless hours getting the best possible stats on weapons. The patch released yesterday will fix the responsible error, but instead it appears to have made the problem worse.

at Posts On Reddit, Square Enix wrote that the problem is now their top priority and that they are working on implementing lost item recovery, but this comes with some caveats:

  • It will happen in the coming weeks

  • Only epic and legendary items will be restored (maybe)

  • The returned items may not be the same as the original items

The last point is likely to be of particular concern to those who grow equipment with very specific stats to suit their personal build. Square Enix also points out that this is what they’re aiming for, but technical issues can make an impact on the wheel.

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