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The photos appear to show Tom Cruise filming in Derbyshire

The photos appear to show Tom Cruise filming in Derbyshire

  • Written by Jude Winter, Isaac Ash, and Jacob Waters
  • BBC News, Derby

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It looks like Tom Cruise was photographed driving a Jeep

Hollywood star Tom Cruise appears to have been filming in Derbyshire, sparking excitement about another Mission: Impossible film.

Cruz appears to have been captured driving a Jeep in an apparent stunt scene at the Middleton Mine on Monday.

Film crews set up at the site and told villagers it had been used to record a car chase.

Cruise starred in the hit film series as Impossible Mission Force (IMF) agent Ethan Hunt.

Middleton Community Primary School reportedly hosted an assembly where the production team revealed that the scene was filmed at Middleton Mine.

Tarmac, which owns the site near Matlock, is offering the site as a filming location to production companies but has been unable to confirm to the BBC whether Mission: Impossible is currently being filmed there.

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Cruise starred in seven Mission: Impossible films

The school has not confirmed the production team's visit, but a seven-year-old pupil told BBC Radio: “We went to assembly and there were four people from Mission: Impossible.

“They talked about a car chase and that two people rode through the mines in a car.

“It was really fun because we could ask them questions. I asked them what their favorite movie was. They said they liked a lot of movies and asked me about mine.”

Simon Pegg, who plays field agent Benji Dunne, shared a photo on Instagram of himself and fellow cast members outside the nearby Castle Inn hotel in Bakewell.

Hayley Atwell, who starred in the previous Mission: Impossible film as thief-turned-Agent Grace, also shared a photo atop Bamford Edge in the Peak District on her account this week.

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Mission: Derbyshire quarry train crash in the movie Impossible

The scene involving a locomotive crash for Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning, was filmed at Darlton Quarry in Stoney Middleton, near Eyam, in August 2021, which was followed by another stunt involving a train carriage.

Steve Thomas, owner of The Rising Sun pub in Middleton, said members of the production team who entered his pub confirmed rumors that filming for Mission: Impossible had returned to the county.

“It's more than just a rumour, it's an actual fact, although I haven't seen Mr. Cruz yet,” the 57-year-old said.

“We've had a number of people from the production offices come to the bar recently.

“There's a mine nearby and they said they're doing a car chase sequence through the galleries there, so it's an open secret, shall we say?”

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Multiple vehicles were spotted at the Middleton mine

The eighth part of Mission: Impossible is scheduled to be released in May 2025.

The film's as-yet-unnamed production company, Skydance Media, has been contacted for comment.

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