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Shoes that look like feet…πŸ‘£

Shoes that look like feet…πŸ‘£

After podcast episodes with Rasmus about feet and shoes this summer, many of you have asked for tips on where to get good winter boots.

The foot becomes stronger and more flexible in shoes that enhance foot function (wider, flatter shoes, softer soles). This improves performance and combats pain and injury – not just in the feet, but in the entire body, not least the knees, hips and back. It affects movement and balance. This in turn affects posture, breathing, circulation, lymphatic system… Yes, you probably understand (but listen to 🎧Podcast Episodes 337 and 338 🎢and you will really understand)

My winter boots come from Wide fingers Which I think has the best selection of barefoot shoes. Wide selection of many different brands, lots of stock (yes, they also have summer shoes, trainers, socks etc 😊).

Very happy to avoid pinched toes even on cold days.

You've arranged a discount at Widetoes – use the code Chevron Then you get a 10% discount (until March 31st).
Their focus is on comfortable, roomy barefoot shoes, with shoes that look like the feet and not the other way around… and they truly have shoes for all occasions, including more cushioned shoes for those who need them.

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