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Several wounded in shooting in the United States

Several wounded in shooting in the United States

Police were alerted at 1:30 p.m. local time to the shooting at a convenience store in Collierville, Tennessee. According to preliminary information, several people were injured.

During a news conference shortly afterwards, police reported that one person died and at least 12 people were injured in the act, according to the Associated Press. Among the wounded there must be minor and serious injuries.

The perpetrator was also found dead after shooting himself, according to the police state.

“This is the most horrific event in Collierville’s history,” Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane told local media during a news conference.

“I’ve been working on this for 34 years and have never seen anything like it before,” Del Lane said.

He hid in the fridge and locked himself in the office

A store employee talks about the chaotic scenes inside the store.

– I heard a shot, it seemed to come from the line. More people were fired, some customers but also employees, Glenda MacDonald told WHBQ-TV.

Police were on the scene just minutes after the alarm went off and searched the store for injured people and people seeking protection.

– We found people who hid in refrigerators and locked themselves in offices. Police Chief Lane said they did exactly as they were taught: run, hide and fight.

What happened and what was the motive behind the shooting is not yet clear.

It’ll be a while before we know what happened, Dale said.