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Senior Joy launches Dementia School – a resource for knowledge about dementia

Senior Joy launches Dementia School – a resource for knowledge about dementia

Senior Joy is launching Dementia School, a series of films containing advice and insights on how best to treat people with dementia. The films are being used as part of Seniorglädje's investment in certification training for staff with dementia, and are also intended to be useful to relatives of people with dementia.

A total of 14 short films have been released and are available on YouTube. The films were first developed to be used internally by Seniorglädje's 200-plus employees, called Senior Friends. Older friends, who are usually pensioners themselves, work in social care, partly in aged care, partly especially with older people to promote health and reduce involuntary loneliness.

– We believe that the Dementia School can be useful for everyone who has at some point dealt with a person with dementia, says Cecilia Sedmalm, CEO of Seniorglädje. Whether it's a family member, caregiver or just someone who wants to know more about dementia, these videos can provide knowledge and understanding.

The films, for example, are about how to answer frequently asked questions, and what you can do when someone with dementia accuses someone else of stealing. Another example is the importance of relatives also caring about their health and seeking support.

Ewa Ingermund, who is competent in dementia as Sylvia's sister and also serves as Senior Friend and Dementia Care Educator at Seniorglädje, appears in the films and shares her extensive experience and practical advice.

– Ewa Angermond says being close to someone with dementia can be very stressful. As a relative, learning more about the disease can be helpful, but to make it easier for all relatives, there is a need for a widespread increase in knowledge in the community. Here we want to do our part.

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Here you will find all the videos of the Dementia School at Seniorglädje.

Cecilia Sedlem[email protected]

Senior joy Started in 2016 by sisters Cecilia Sidmalm and Susanne Sidmalm, it is the first company in Sweden to focus entirely on services and socialization for older people. The joy of the elderly helps with everything from practical assistance at home to social interaction in the form of an additional friend in daily life. Those who help older people are themselves older people with different work backgrounds, for example as postmen, teachers, nursing assistants and the self-employed. Everyone has different life experiences, just like the seniors they visit. Continuity, security and joy are the watchwords in the business and it is always the same old people who visit the old people. Seniorglädje has around 170 senior employees and representatives across Sweden.