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Sen. Lisa Murkowski is fed up with Trump and may leave the party

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is fed up with Trump and may leave the party

Lisa Murkowski doesn't rule out leaving Republicans — because of Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump's grip on the party is tight.

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Lisa Murkowski, a Republican senator from Alaska. A very independent one. So, ever since Donald Trump stepped onto the big stage, she has been one of the few who consistently dared to vote against him. Sometimes when it comes to politics — and she was one of only seven Republican senators to vote to impeach him after his attempts to obstruct democracy after the 2020 election.

– I hope that we, as Republicans, have a candidate that I can support. “I really can't get behind Donald Trump,” she said in an interview CNN.

He is also at odds with Sarah Palin

Donald Trump's increasingly tight grip on the Republican Party has Murkowski thinking about his future in the party. In the interview, she did not want to state that she would continue to represent the party of which she has been a member of the Senate since 2002. She was asked if she would run as an independent candidate instead.

-I am very independent. I only regret that our party has become the party of Donald Trump.

-I'm trying to navigate through an interesting time politically. We'll leave it at that.

Murkowski's first year as a senator went smoothly, but since the party's right-wing populist movement began with the Tea Party and then-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, she has been forced to struggle. She did not get along with Palin and lost the 2010 primary to running mate Joe Miller — but she kept her Senate seat because enough voters wrote her name into the ballots even though she was not the nominee. She has since managed to win Senate elections twice more, despite her vocal opposition to Trump.

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