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Selected for the National Championships in Dressage and Jumping

Selected for the National Championships in Dressage and Jumping

Nordic Baltic Championships in Dressage and Jumping at Ybaja, Finland June 30 – July 4 – Organizer Website

Due to the current restrictions the organizer will not be able to get an audience, but the entire championship can follow the online results or web TV.

The national team leaders have taken the troops to the championship.

Seniors: Marcus Westergren, Daniel Svensson, Alice Topper, Joel Dorstenson
Young rider: Philip Switzer, Linus Hersick, Victor Edwinson, Elsa Johansson, Paula Unhans
Juniors: Felicia Long, Eppa Coventry, Clara Markland, Josephine Dorrell, Annie Hejerton
Children: Carl-Hugo Westergren, Alicia Janberg, Natalie Wennerhorn, Liam Nilsson, Alicia Svensson
Pony Cat I: Selma Staffer, Thea Conehead, Funny Fridon, Filippa Font, Tilda Sandstead
Pony Cat II: Natalie Wennerhorn, Smilla Gardiner, Filippa Radovich, Victoria Jensen, Nelly Lindgren

Seniors: Kunila Bystrom, Mates Hendeleowitz, Jessica Nordin, Jenny Larson
U25: Elin Madson, Lina Tolkien, Evelina Sodestrom, Felicia Olofsson
Young Rider: Amanda Lindholm, Linnia Holmkren, Nina Genmark, Maja Polk
Junior: Elliott Nilsson, Siri Ryrstead, Mary Sophie Hyde Pondergart, Louis Brandefford
Children: June Scope Rosen, Annie Wolfridson, Mimmy Letson
Pony Cat I: Elin Woolmann, Laura Lastson, Stella Hoff, Eppa Lindholm
Pony Cat II: Ronja Kardos, Alice Campe Alcin, Eppa Banke, Wilma Bournehaker

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