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Segersjö - Top international executives for Ridenews

Segersjö – Top international executives for Ridenews

Press Release – 23 June 2021
Key officials in the upper class when Sekerjo organized the European Championship
Planning for the European Youth Championship is in full swing at the field competition in Sekerjo outside Oripro. This championship is not only for the best youth riders in Europe. Sekerjo can also be proud of some of the best executives in the world.

More details ahead of the championship, which runs through August 26-29. Judges, track builders and other official officials are now being presented.

The dressage in the three-star young riding class is no less than that of Danish, the leader of the judges Anne-Mette Binder. He is today the national captain of the successful Danish senior team in the dressage, but also an international field competition judge who determined the Olympics, WC and EC. He has decided on all the major five-star field tournaments, including the famous Badminton and Berkeley.

– I’m so glad to be back in Sekerjo. Anne-Mette Binder says that when the Montgomery family started creating competition many years ago, I immediately fell for that place and atmosphere for the first time I was there.

Anne-Mette Binder.

– I’ve been there many times since then. It is very interesting and fun to follow the development over the years to today’s competitive space. Sekerjo has grown into one of Europe’s top two and three star players. Anne-Mette Binder says this is really the perfect environment for a championship.

She is, at the very least, wanted as a judge and a leader. Last weekend he was the chief judge of Luhmahlen’s five-star field competition, leading the Danish clothing team in the medal hunt in Tokyo in July. In many more respects.

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The track builder is also expected this year in the British, Sekerjo Eric Winter. Riders can count on a world-class landscape curriculum at the European Youth Championships, designed by the course designer behind Badminton and Blenheim Palace.

Officials, Youth European Championship in the field competition, Sekerjo:

CCI 3 * -L, Young Rider-E.M
Ground Jury Chairman: Anne-Medbinder, Denmark
Ground Referee: Joachim Timmeck, Dyskland
Ground Referee: John Jordan, Ireland

CCI 2 * -L, Jr.-E.M.
Ground Referee: Sepo Lane, Finland
Ground Referee: Tim Downs, Storbitriton
Ground Referee: Laurel Eslan, Frankrick

Course Designer: Eric Winter, UK
Assistant Course Designer: Martin Mulcard, Sweden
Course building: pro event

Technical Representative: Guillome Blanc, France
Assistant Technical Representative: Peter Fell, Ireland

Jumping Course Designer: Lars-Eric Jacobson, Sweden

Chief Stewart: Kerstin Svensson, Sweden


Thursday, August 26th
Style Day 1

Friday 27th August
Style Day 2

Aug. 28 Sat.

Sunday, August 29th
Medal Ceremony Team + Individually

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