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Secret Paris restaurant welcomed more than 110 guests

Secret Paris restaurant welcomed more than 110 guests

There are severe restrictions in France at the present time. Despite this, more than 110 people gathered to visit a banned and secretive restaurant in Paris, according to police in the French capital.

Restaurants in France are closed. However, secret dinners are arranged. Photo gallery.picture: Michael Euler / AP / TT

It was the alarms about loud noise from the restaurant premises that revealed the dinner party. Once the police arrived at the scene, they discovered a large crowd of people. Police wrote on Twitter that all guests were fined, while the organizer and the owner of the restaurant were arrested.

Earlier on Friday, a similar incident occurred in Saint-Ouen, outside Paris, when 62 guests were fined for lunch and the restaurant owner was arrested.

Private and secret dinner parties recently annoyed the French government. Earlier this week, several ministers were said to have attended dinner.

The man behind the claim? Loud businessman Pierre Jean Challinson – who personally arranged dinner at the stately Vivienne Palace in the center of Paris.

Although Challinson later withdrew his claim, it caused a headache for President Emmanuel Macron and his government, who were forced through his spokesperson Gabriel Atal to come out and deny that such a thing had happened.

On Friday, prosecutors questioned Chalinson.

So far, we have no evidence that any minister participated in the dinner, as prosecutors say after an interrogation.

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