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SeaTwirl will receive 8.3 million SEK through guarantees, which are subscribed for 96.77%

SeaTwirl will receive 8.3 million SEK through guarantees, which are subscribed for 96.77%

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SeaTwirl announced the outcome of the practice of TO1 series orders, which were issued in connection with the company’s rights issue during the fourth quarter of 2020. A total of 86,099 TO1 series orders, equivalent to approximately 96.77 percent of the pending TO1 series orders, were used for the underwriting 86,099 shares at a subscription price of SEK 96.37 per share. By exercising TO1 series orders, SeaTwirl will receive approximately SEK 8.3 million before issuance costs.


The subscription period for practicing TO1 series notes continued during the period from April 6, 2021 including until April 20, 2021. The subscription price per share when exercising TO1 series orders was set at SEK 96.37.

A total of 86,099 TO1 series orders were exercised to subscribe to 86,099 shares, which means that approximately 96.77 percent of TO1 series pending orders were exercised to subscribe to shares.

The exercise orders have been replaced by temporary shares (IA) pending registration with the Swedish Company Registry. It is expected that the interim shares will be converted into shares within approximately three (3) weeks.

Number of shares, equity and dilution:

Through the practice of TO1 Series orders, SeaTwirl has increased the number of shares in SeaTwirl by 86,099 shares, from 2,491,203 shares to a total of 2,577,302 shares. The capital increased by 86.099 SEK, from 2491203 SEK to 2577302 SEK.

For existing shareholders who have not exercised any TO1 series orders, dilution is approximately 3.34 percent based on the number of shares after exercising TO1 series orders.


Mangold Fondkommission AB is a financial advisor to SeaTwirl regarding Permissions.

For questions regarding orders, please contact:

Mangold Fondkommission AB

Phone: +46 8 5050 1595

Email: [email protected]

For more information, please contact:

Peter Loritz, CEO

Phone: +46 70 148 0198

Email: [email protected]

About SeaTwirl

SeaTwirl AB (publ) is a Swedish wind energy developer with a vision to become a world leader in floating offshore wind energy. SeaTwirl’s unique floating wind turbine is simple and powerful with few moving parts. This suits conditions at sea and reduces the need for maintenance, resulting in fewer downtime and increased operating hours. The company’s first prototype was installed at sea in 2015. The next full-size unit with 1 MW of installed turbine power is being developed. The company has been listed on the Nasdaq North Growth Market 1 st since 2016. Read more on:

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